I am a software developer with an academic background in Economics and Sustainable Development. Currently, I am working in the field of Data Visualisations for connected data, and work mostly with JavaScript.

My journey to becoming a software developer started when I was working at the iShack Project, an NGO in the off grid Solar PV energy sector in Cape Town, South Africa.

In order to efficiently analyse the large amounts of raw telemetry data that our team was receiving from the more than 1000 installed Solar Home Systems we had installed in un-electrified communities, I learned Python in my spare time and in the evenings through reading books and doing as many online tutorials as I could.

The success of this data analysis project, which resulted in unique qualitative and empirical data into energy usage in these communities and system performance, resulted in further funding for the project and spurred me on to learn other programming languages.

Soon after, I created a work ticket portal for the project using PHP, JavaScript and MySql, allowing the field workers to use tablets to perform their maintenance and installation duties instead of pen and paper. The portal also provided key indicators to management, allowing for a much more efficient service to be performed.

I moved into my first full time position as a software developer when I joined a company in Cambridge, UK, that produces software to visualise connected data.