iShack Project

I recently developed a Client Management and Work Ticket system for the iShack Project, based in South Africa. The project installs Solar Home System in under-served informal settlements.

The new iShackWeb allows field workers to use tablets while doing routine maintenance and troubleshooting on clients, while the management team can see live information on the levels of service.

Both field workers and management can see live telemetry data for any of their 1500 installed systems, providing insights into how households use their solar energy and how well the systems perform, and crucially allowing for quick and early diagnostics, particularly when it comes to monitoring the battery life of each of the systems.

The iShackWeb was developed using PHP / MySQL and vanilla JavaScript.

Dashboard and viewing client details


Above, we can see the dashboard which shows all of the installed systems in the two settlements, while also providing key business indicators for the maintenance service. Below, field workers can search for a client, and view all of the information for that client, from the current state of their system, to the last 7 days telemetry data for the system.

View Client Details

Creating and updating Work Tickets

Create Work Ticket

Above we can see how field workers can use the simple interface to open a Work Ticket while in the field, and below how the work ticket can be updated by both the field workers and management.

Open a Work Ticket